Shirah Canaga, MA, QMHP

As a therapist, I provide a trauma-focused and person-centered approach to help individuals make their own choices to move toward a healthy lifestyle. I believe people can become more in balance with themselves and in their relationships by understanding themselves and becoming aware of their needs and issues. I offer a treatment approach toward healing which includes EMDR with a Somatic and Attachment focus lens. EMDR helps to move the storage of a disturbing memory to a more functional part of the brain. This approach focuses on providing lasting relief from symptoms that are causing a disturbance in life today. 



My intention is to create a safe therapeutic space that fosters learning, healing, and growth from whatever aspects in life that may need attention and healing. My approach is intended to support a safe space for the healing and integration of mind, body, heart, spirit, and relationships from trauma. As people may walk forward in the presence and connection with who they truly are.