Multiculturalism, Anti-Racism and Inclusivity

We recognize the impact of white supremacy, deep-rooted and intrinsic in our country, as traumatic and strive to counteract it in our practice and practices. 

  • We embrace a stance of Cultural Humility, recognizing that our efforts toward anti-racism, anti-oppression, multiculturalism and inclusivity must be ongoing and centered in our efforts to treat trauma.

  • We recognize the traumatic impact of white supremacy, on all communities, that is internal, inter-personal, institutional and systemic and how these may be a part of our clients' trauma histories.

  • We recognize how historical or epigenetic trauma, that is, trauma experienced by our ancestors, impacts gene expression and overall health in negative ways.

  • We celebrate the resources and resilience inherent in all cultures, particularly cultures that have endured oppression, and welcome the integration of these resources in the therapeutic process.

  • We understand the intersection between the therapists' and clients' cultures and welcome whatever conversation and exploration feels helpful to our clients.

Black and White Portrait

These are a few of the ways we're actively working toward multiculturalism and anti-racism at our practice.


Oregon EMDR has formed a Multiculturalism, Anti-racism and Inclusivity Committee to evaluate all aspects of our practice and make recommendations.  Committee members are paid for their time.

Oregon EMDR provides full financial support for staff at every level to complete Cultural Awareness / Racial Justice advanced training.

Our initial evaluation includes assessment of racial / cultural pride, trauma, micro-aggressions and resources.

Our treatment plans may include processing of historical, cultural and epigenetic trauma.

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