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Wendelborg, LCSW


I've been a therapist for over 20 years.  In that time I've had the honor of working with many brave, amazing people and witness extraordinary resilience!  I am grateful for the opportunity to do this work each day and have committed myself to continued learning, training and honing of my skills. 

I am an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist, Consultant and Trainer.  In addition, I am an Advanced Student of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Levels One and Two Training Assistant. 

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Shirah Canaga, LPC

Somatic and Attachment-Focused EMDR Therapist

As a therapist, I provide a trauma-focused and person-centered approach to help individuals make their own choices to move toward a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy working with adults, children, and couples.  I believe people can become more in balance with themselves and in their relationships by understanding themselves while becoming aware of their needs and issues. My intention is to create a safe therapeutic space that fosters learning, healing, and growth. I welcome individuals' personal beliefs, cultural identity, lifestyle, and spirituality. I intend on working on therapy goals during each session and accomplishing resilience.



I utilize an integrative approach working within a framework of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Gestalt Therapy, Gottman therapy, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Somatic Interventions, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) modalities. I’m trained in EMDR therapy and this is my preferred approach as it has produced effective results. I’m currently working toward certification in EMDR therapy. EMDR helps to move the storage of a disturbing memory to a more functional part of the brain. This approach focuses on providing lasting relief from symptoms that are causing a disturbance in life today. 



My experience in the helping profession has been providing counseling and career services at Lane Community College, working as a therapist at Lane County Behavioral Health, providing family assessments at Child Welfare and creating behavioral support plans for children under the care of Department of Human Services (DHS).  I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwest Christian University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Family & Human Services from the University of Oregon. 

Rosie Dillon

Administrative Assistant

My name is Rosie and I’ve been working in the healthcare industry for 5 years. I started at Lane Community College and received a certificate in Healthcare Administration, and my first position after school was in the dental field.

I enjoy helping people and guiding them in understanding their insurance. I believe communication is the most important tool when it comes to billing. Insurance can seem like a language of its own and that’s where I want to help!

I have two dogs, I love to run, and I read in my spare time. I’m also currently learning Danish for a trip abroad in the future.

Angela Archuleta-Barnhurst M.A., M.S., NCC, LPC Intern

Child and Adult EMDR Therapist

As an LPC intern, I provide a person-centered approach to help individuals learn about themselves in different cultural contexts. Individuals deserve to sit with a counselor who is not merely accepting, but more importantly, non-judgmental. I use a holistic approach to therapy and believe that a person’s well-being involves their brain, body, and mind. Therapy should support all three of those areas in order to help clients find balance and increased understanding of the self. When working with individuals, my first goal is to create a safe therapeutic relationship, in which clients feel respected and supported. I am trained in Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR Therapy and utilize an integrative approach and use therapies that fit each client individually. I rely heavily on the framework of Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) Theory, but also utilize Client-centered Therapy, Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Feminist Theory, and Constructivist Theory. In certain therapeutic relationships, I rely on the framework of Theory of Mind integrated with the EMDR approach. I enjoy working with Adolescents, as well as providing Family and Individual Therapy for clients with Autism. I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Bushnell University. I hold a second Master’s Degree in Special Education from the University of Oregon and have additional training in counseling individuals with disabilities. I am trained in Advanced Diagnostics of mental health disorders. I am currently a doctoral student and am working toward obtaining a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision.  I work under the clinical supervision of Christina Martinez - Clay, LCSW. 

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Martinez-Clay, LCSW

Child and Family Trauma


When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel and functioning to become challenging in many ways.  My passion is bringing healing and hope to children, adolescents and families who have survived a traumatic or stressful experience.  I enjoy helping them find a more positive, healthier perception of themselves while strengthening their resources, relationships and own unique qualities so they are able to know themselves as peaceful, whole and safe.


I understand each human is an individual and processes their own unique way.  As both an EMDR therapist and a play therapist, I incorporate a unique blend of sensory, play, music, somatic work and movement into EMDR as necessary to benefit each individual client’s needs and processing ability.


My educational background includes a MA in Child Development and Abnormal Psychology and a MSW in Social Work/Therapy Tract from University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA.  In 2008 I was honored to receive a Certificate of Recognition of the Governor of Iowa for Exemplary Service to the State of Iowa and in 2017, I again was blessed to receive Oregon’s Children’s Champion Award.


Christian Colton, LPC Intern

EMDR Therapist

I believe in the simple truth that life’s difficulties are best traveled in good company.  I firmly believe that progress is always possible, there is always something new to understand about ourselves,  and joy can be found despite hard circumstances. I value authenticity, non-judgement, and humor in session.  My goal as a counselor is to walk alongside my clients; collaboration and respect for one’s story is essential for the work to go forward.  I strive to provide a professional, compassionate, and genuine environment.


I hope to partner with you in your journey.  I truly believe in your inherent capacity to heal, grow, and find peace.  I hold the hope that our work together leads us to stronger compassion and acceptance, of ease and strength.


 I am a trained EMDR counselor, borrowing from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Existential/Humanistic approaches.  I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Southern Oregon University.  My areas of specialty include panic disorders, PTSD, major life transitions, spiritual/religious traumas, as well as psychotic and mood disorders.  I have lived in Oregon for the past six years, and developed a clinically significant obsession with the state's incredible dairy products.


Elizabeth Lira, LMFT

Adult Somatic and Attachment-Focused EMDR Therapist

I have been a therapist for over 6 years, originally licensed in California.  I moved to Eugene this year and am now licensed in Oregon as well.  I specialize in working with individuals that are experiencing grief and loss, supporting folks that are facing a life transition, age-related issues such as increased isolation, and physical challenges of aging.  Additionally, I have extensive training in working with family caregivers to help them understand and manage the chronic stress and changing roles that come with caring for someone with a chronic illness. 

 As a newly-trained EMDR Therapist, I am excited to add this modality to my therapeutic approach. I believe that therapy should be a collaborative relationship and while I was originally trained in the psychodynamic mode of therapy, I employ an eclectic and collaborative approach--I believe this allows my clients to increase self-determination by showing me what works best for their healing and growth.  

I hold a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology.  I have formal training in grief and loss from One Legacy, suicide prevention training through Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), and I am certified as a Dementia Care Practitioner from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP).

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Kasey Cathey, LMFT Intern

Child, Family and Adult EMDR Therapist

My philosophy to therapy is that all beings should be free from suffering and the causes of suffering. I believe that every person has a core self that serves as their innate capacity for resilience, growth and connectedness with their self and the world around them. I embrace a client-centered, strengths-based and trauma-informed approach to therapy and strive to provide compassionate and insightful support. I partner with clients to increase insight around symptoms, build congruence, and harness their inherent ability to develop solutions. Therapy is truly an opportunity to build understanding and self-compassion in the areas of your life that present challenges and grow in your ability to manage those challenges. I value authenticity, humor and ease within the therapeutic relationship and the opportunity to support you in your journey to healing.


I am an EMDR Basic Trained Therapist with a MS in Couples and Family Therapy from University of Oregon. I utilize evidence-based, attachment-focused psychodynamic and somatic approaches, like EMDR and IFS, to support clients in recognizing their own resiliency and innate capacity to heal.