EMDR, Somatic and Clinical Consultation 

EMDRIA-Approved Consultant and Level 3 Sensorimoto Psychotherapy Student, Susan Wendelborg, LCSW, offers a variety of consultation options for therapists.

Individual Consultation Hour-  $130

Group Consultation Hour toward EMDR Certification -  $60 per participant, maximum 4 participants

EMDR Certification Training and Consultation Package- see below


EMDR Consultation and Certification Packages


EMDR Certification is a designation offered by EMDRIA for EMDR Basic Trained clinicians who complete additional training and consultation to expand their proficiency with the AIP model.  EMDR Certification identifies you as an advanced practitioner to clients and colleagues and provides an opportunity to fine-tune your skills and gain confidence in the model.

Oregon EMDR offers EMDR Certification Packages for Licensed Clinicians or Registered Interns who have completed EMDR Basic Training.  We offer 2 options:  Comprehensive EMDR Certification Package and Sensorimotor-Informed EMDR Certification Package for Clinicians who have completed at least 1 Level of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Training (or are at minimum a level 1 student who has completed at least 2 modules)  in addition to EMDR Basic Training. 

Both packages include 12 hours of Advanced EMDR Training via Live Workshops and / or Distance Learning Webinars plus 25 hours of Consultation provided by an Approved Consultant or Consultant in Training (CIT) and are designed to be structured, intentional and, ideally, completed within 1 year.

What’s included?

All consultees will complete an in person or live online 6 hour Advanced Training.  This initial step in the Certification process will provide a solid foundation from which to begin, as well as, serve to clarify your baseline and focus of professional development. 

20 hours of consultation will be provided in groups of 2  (EMDRIA allows for individual consultation to be completed in a group format). Each consultee will also have access to an additional 5 hours of group consultation during the course of their certification process.  

Advanced Training

  • Required:  Full day live (in person or online depending on distance from training and infection control restrictions) EMDR Review Course with Supervised Practicum 

  • Required for Sensorimotor-Informed  EMDR cohorts: Full day live (in person or online depending on distance from training and infection control restrictions) Intentional Integration of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy  in EMDR Therapy with Supervised Practicum.


Choose a selection of Live or Distance Learning Advanced Trainings in addition to the live training above, to equal 12 total Advanced Training hours.

  • 2 hour live or recorded webinar presentation on case conceptualization and the AIP- The EMDR House Model

  • 2 hour recorded or live webinar or in person presentation on Mindfulness in EMDR Therapy

  • 1.5 hour live or recorded webinar presentation on Somatic Interventions for EMDR Therapists

  • 1 hour live or recorded webinar presentation on The Art of the Cognitive Interweave

  • 1.5 hour recorded or live webinar or in person presentation on Treating Developmental Wounds with EMDR Therapy

  • 2 hour recorded or live webinar or in person presentation on Polyvagal Theory, Window of Tolerance and ANS Arousal Regulation in EMDR Therapy

  • 1 hour recorded or live webinar or in person presentation on The Therapist’s Attachment Patterns in EMDR Therapy

*Advanced Training offerings may change from time to time 



  • Consultees will be required to complete written feedback forms for their peers’ presentations  to enhance everyone’s learning.

  • 20 hours of Consultation will occur on a set monthly schedule of 2 hours every month over 10 months providing 1 hour of Individual Consultation and a minimum of 1 hour of Group Consultation per month.

  • Each participant in a Consultation Dyad will be allotted 30 mins of each consultation hour to present cases, present video or to bring topics for review, learning or exploration.  

  • Participants in Consultation Dyads will be asked to present a minimum of 4 videos of their utilization of EMDR Therapy and possibly more depending on the learning needs of the clinician.

  • Participants in Consultation Dyads will be asked to submit 1 or more written transcripts of a client session or sessions.  

  • It is the responsibility of the consultee to prepare a written Consultation Meeting Form on a topic, case or video for each individual and group consultation meeting they attend.  

  • If the Consultant or Consultant in Training makes the assessment that you will require more consultation to meet the Core Competencies, Oregon EMDR reserves the right to require additional consultation at the consultee's expense.

  • Reading assignments will be included in the consultation.


* Payment plan of 3 payments: $600, $600 and $400 available upon request

Coupon code holders receive a $300 discount per participant

Consultation Dyads registering together are eligible for a $200 discount per participant


*Please note that participation in any in-person training or consultation requires proof of full COVID 19 vaccination, as well as, compliance with Oregon EMDR’s screening and infection control policies and procedures.  Individuals who are not fully vaccinated are invited to sign up for online courses and packages.   


Additionally, by registering, you understand that any in-person training, workshop or event may transition to an online format at the discretion of the trainer, for the protection of all participants.


Visit emdria.org to find a detailed description of EMDRIA’s requirements for EMDR Certification, as well as, who is eligible to participate.  https://www.emdria.org/emdr-training-education/certification-faqs/